​​​What you do persistently (Habits) will define how good you are consistently (Abilities) which will influence what you think about yourself frequently (thoughts); which determines your SUCCESS!..

Sasha E. Butler

President & Founder - IC-CTS

About Inxcellence Consulting: Coaching & Training Solutions

To move forward as an individual, team or organization, you need a plan. Most people spend a great deal of time setting goals and trying to create the perfect strategy for success; however, they often run into major challenges executing their plan effectively. Why we do allocate so much of our time pursuing our dreams rather than living them? It’s because we place too much emphasis on worrying about what people think about us instead of spending our time communicating what we know about ourselves and our purpose.

The Key to our Success: “Invest In Yourself!” Before we can successfully lead others, we must first lead ourselves – Our habits, abilities, thoughts! What you do persistently (Habits) will define how good you are consistently (Abilities) which will influence what you think about yourself frequently; which determines your SUCCESS! We call this the H.A.T.S. principle

Inxcellence Consulting: Coaching & Training Solutions (IC-ICTS) understands the importance of a solid plan and well developed H.A.T.S. Without them, it is not possible to consistently achieve our goals.  At IC-CTS, we believe the most successful organizations are those whose primary objective is to develop its people personally and professionally; and the most successful employees are those who are committed to developing themselves on a daily basis. Our Coaching and Training along with our customized Mastermind Groups are designed to increase your leadership potential by enhancing the quality of your H.A.T.S.

 Inxcellence Consulting: Coaching & Training Solutions strength emanates from the innovative collaborative experience of our President Sasha E. Lindsey’s and her network of local and international trainers and consultants. She has a powerful team of skilled professionals who have the capabilities and tools to influence change and deliver the results you expect.

 Inxcellence Consulting: Coaching & Training Solutions has successfully assisted individuals and organizations with mastermind groups, strategic planning and thinking, collaborative projects, and leadership training among other major projects. Our “Invest In Yourself” approach to training and coaching will make a significant contribution in helping you realize you full potential. We all are leaders in some area of their lives. Let IC-CTS help you develop the leader within so you can become the leader your family, school, business, church and community needs. ype your paragraph here.

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